Wrecking at Works: Vehicle's Final Resting Place

Wrecking at Works: Vehicle's Final Resting Place

4 Things To Understand About Selling Your Junk Car For Cash

by Gerald Boyd

When your vehicle reaches a state where it cannot be driven anymore because of mechanical failure or because it has been in an accident, it may not be in a state where you can sell it to anyone else for money. Your best solution is to sell the vehicle to a junkyard for cash when that happens.  

When it comes to selling your vehicle to a junkyard for cash, the selling process is a little different. That is why you will want to take the time to understand the selling process. 

1. The Right Paperwork 

The auto yard would love to take your old junker and see what they can do with it. However, they can't do that if you don't have the right paperwork. You will need to dig up the title and registration of the vehicle, as you will be transferring it over to the new owner of the vehicle.  

When you sell the car, you must ensure that all the proper forms are filled out. You and the auto yard should fill out a bill of sales and be sure that the bill of sales states that you are selling the vehicle as-is; you will need to put down the odometer readings for the sale, so be sure that you have that information handy.  

The auto wrecking will have to register as the vehicle owner and inform the state when they junk the car. That can only happen if you have the right paperwork.  

2. Knowledge About the Parts 

Next up, you will need knowledge about the parts of your vehicle. If you have any parts that are in excellent condition or newer parts that have been replaced in the last few years, that could help you get more money for the vehicle.  

Even on a junk car, parts can often be salvaged and reused. Did you replace the brakes recently? How about the alternator? Junk cars have the ability to drain your wallet as you go through one repair after another, trying to keep the vehicle on the road until you hit that one repair that is just too much to handle. All those repairs and replacement parts are not worthless; the right auto-wrecking yard will see the value of the parts and will pay you a small amount of what they can get from the sale of the parts for your vehicle. 

3. Don't Forget the Value of the Metal 

If nothing else, you should get paid for the metal that your vehicle is made from. The exterior of the car can be recycled and can be used to make the scrap yard a little bit of money. Even if the parts are all bad and the body of the vehicle is dented, the value of the metal is something that you can be reimbursed for. 

4. Arrange for Towing 

Maybe your junk car is still drivable enough that you can get it to the junkyard. If not, you are going to want to figure out towing. Many scrap yards will provide towing for free; others will take it out of what they pay you, so be sure to figure out how you will physically hand over the vehicle before you sell it. 

When it comes to selling a junk vehicle, make sure you have the title and registration, and when you sell it, always get a bill of sales with the odometer reading on it. Let the scrap yard know if you have any new parts in the vehicle, and if nothing else, try to get paid for the value of the metal that the vehicle contains. Be sure to arrange for towing if your vehicle isn't drivable before finalizing the sale.

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Wrecking at Works: Vehicle's Final Resting Place

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